Re-purposing Old Dressers

When we moved into this new house we got new dressers for the girls.  The old ones we had were bought from Walmart and were not holding up the the everyday use of little girls.  Michael was prepared to throw away the old ones but I knew that I could do something with them.  I am an idea person when it comes to projects, I come up with an idea and Michael makes it happen.  I had the bright idea to make the old dressers in the bookshelves, I have seen the photos on Pinterest.  Michael wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but we tried and while they still need to be sanded and painted, we both love the results!

There were a total of 10 drawers, one of them was damaged beyond repair (or so we think, more on that later).  We stacked the drawer three high and bolted them together.

To bolt together, Michael just removed the knobs and widened that hole to make a slightly bigger one and then put a bolt through the hole tightening it with a nut.  We also removed the runners from the side.  Right now two of these shelves are in our room with books and movies on them while the other is in the den with more books.  They are shallow shelves but they work great for books, not so great when I tried to use them to hold the plants I brought in for the winter.

Now for the big part of the old dressers.  The first idea was Michael was going to put these somewhat thin rails on the side, screw that in, and then screw the shelves on to that.  We went to Lowes, bought both the boards for the rails and the shelves (only costing $16 and we had Lowes do all the cutting), but once he got started the plans changed.

First he removed all the runners from the inside of the dresser.  Then he cut two of the rails he had made for the side a little smaller and used them to support the bottom shelf (sorry forgot to get a picture, maybe when we got to paint it I will get it).  He then removed the middle rail that went across the middle and using some leftover shelf pegs (is that what they are called?) he put those in the holes to make adjustable shelves.  We have two of these, one looks like the one in the picture and the other has a 5th shelf.  They still need to be painted and that will be done come summer time (I figured the heat will help them dry faster) but for now they have already been put to use!

Michael was absolutely amazed at how all the shelves turned out.  From two old dressers we have 5 new sets of shelves!

Now to the possibly broken beyond repair drawer.  Michael is now thinking with the left over rail wood we didn’t use that he can possibly fix the drawer using them to support the bottom and is thinking about making it in to a bed for our adopted cat, Angus.  If that works it will be another post!  That is all for this project, there will be many more to come later!

~ Belinda


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