My name is Belinda.  I am married to my best friend, Michael, and we have four beautiful little girls Allison (11), Gabriella (8), Katherine (4), and Lily(2).

I have started this blog because I wanted a way to express myself other than just through my love of baking and cooking for my family.

I am not a crafty person and I don’t pretend to be a master chef. My Grandma taught me almost everything she knew when I was a teenager and I have always loved baking and cooking. When I started watching “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The F Word” with Gordan Ramsey it again sparked my love of baking and cooking and I wanted to learn more, I wanted to learn how to make different things from scratch!

Everyone is always posting these videos and recipes to make different things and the look so easy. Not all of them are! Almost every weekend I am making something new and that is when I decided this blog would be a great idea! I figure I can try out and review some of these recipes I am finding online and even throw in a few of my own. I always like to add my own twist to recipes too. Michael and the girls have gotten used to being “guinea pigs” for some of my wacky ideas and are not shy in telling me what they think!

All four of my girls (and Michael sometimes) love trying new crafts and that will be something else that will be seen on here from time to time! I am more of an idea person, I come up with an idea and Michael and the girls make it happen! Working together as a family!

This is going to be so much fun!

~ Belinda


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